Frequently Asked Questions

Is the content bespoke to each client?

The content is branded for each client (with their logo, fonts, and company colours), but the content is NOT bespoke for each client, other clients may receive the same or similar versions of the content. However, since we work with mortgage brokers all over the country, we will generally limit the number of clients receiving the same/similar content in a given geographical area.

I am part of a Mortgage Network, can you follow the guidelines of my compliance team?

Absolutely. Our content will be compliant with the requirements of most mortgage networks anyways. If your network has some specific requirements, we should be able to make amendments for your accordingly.

Are we tied into a long-term contract?

No, our service is a rolling agreement with a 30-day notice to quit.

Can you produce content for me if I give you a topic?

We can generally accommodate topic requests if they are relevant to the industry as a whole. However, we can not accommodate requests for content that is bespoke to you or your business. Accepting a request is totally at our discretion.